Unifier and Evidensia to launch cooperation

Unifier Ltd and Evidensia Eläinlääkäripalvelut Oy (former Animagi and Univet) intend to begin cooperation in May 2016. “People invest more in their pets than they did before. As a last service, people want to care for their pet with dignity until the very end. Now pet owners who are faced with losing their pets can order a Kehto pet coffin directly to the Evidensia veterinary centre,” says Head of Sales and Marketing Olli-Pekka Kinnunen.     "We want to be a full-service...


Finnish burial product Kehto receives design right protection

The design of Kehto, the pet burial product launched by Unifier last year, has been protected under the Registered Designs Act by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. – By protecting our design, we maintain and develop Finnish design, planning and manufacture. Design right protects the original design of the product, for example, from imitation, says Vesa Huttunen, CEO of Unifier. – Clean and linear Scandinavian design enjoys popularity across the world, and unprotected design...


High-quality personal and ecological products for the gentle burial of pets

The new and innovative Unifier is launching ecological and durable caskets and urns for the burial and cremation of pets of all kinds. Unifier’s Kehto caskets and Lehto urns are manufactured from recycled materials and their small carbon footprint makes them environmentally friendly. The products represent Finnish design and they are handmade in Finland. “The idea for our products came from the realisation that it was impossible to find pet burial products that satisfy high standards for...